The most important aspect of a Telecom Operator’s business is the capability to go to the market with new offerings as quickly as possible. The BAP team addresses this need by being on-site, meeting with the Telecom Operator’s business and IT groups regularly, capturing the new requirements, testing them out and implementing them in the delivered solution.
The highest demand for the BAP service is typically during the first year of commercial bill runs with the newly delivered EppixComm Solutions set. This is the time the Operator needs support the most. Currently EppixComm offers this service to its Licensees directly and / or in partnership with its SI partners.

The BAP team interacts with the Billing Manager, who serves as the primary contact. Beyond that, the BAP team may interact with the: 

  • Business / Marketing Group for new telecom service offerings

  • Finance Group for new revenue reporting requirements

  • Network and Switch Groups for new interface requirements

There are 8 distinct deliverable:

  • Capturing the business requirements of the Telecom Operator and creating the understanding document (UD) for freezing the changes being sought

  • Creating the software patch or changing the rule file or configuration as needed – this may be done off-site or on-site, depending upon the particular model of delivery

  • Testing the changes in the test environment on-site and validation by Customer

  • Implementing the changes in the Customer’s Production environment

  • Training the Customer / Operator’s staff as needed

  • Creating the incremental documentation as needed

  • Providing Level 1 and Level 2 support to the Operator’s staff during the bill cycles

  • Escalating Level 3 calls to the EppixComm Helpdesk and following up with off-site team for resolution as per SLA’s agreed upon

A BAP support contract is for 6 months but it can be incremented in multiples thereof.

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