Eppix Customer Care and Billing Solution (CCBS) has more than 15 years of old track record with GSM operators across the globe. That's because EppixComm understands the critical role that Customer Care and billing plays in an operator's business model.

Customer Care and Billing forms a small part of an operator’s total investment, yet it is the means by which customers are invoiced and cash is collected Additionally, Customer Care and Billing helps facilitate customer acquisition and can be used as a competitive tool for differentiation.

EppixComm solutions help operators to guarantee customer satisfaction by aiding in the development of competitive tariffs, discounts, packages and services. For the operator, EppixComm solutions mean billing and credit control. The added value for any operator is being able to profile and manage its customer segments so it can proactively market its services whilst extracting critical business information. This not only assures revenue but helps to grow revenue.

Customer Care and Billing Overview

Eppix version 6.2 is a major step forward in the interaction between Customer Care and Billing Systems (CCBS) and Prepaid IN platforms.

One of the strong points of CCBS resides in the User Interface and Customer Care capabilities, the traditional strong point of Prepaid IN reside in the real time purse management.

Eppix version 6.2 uses the best of both worlds and incorporates powerful features that make the Prepaid IN APIs a worthwhile investment by operators.

Eppix version 6.2 thanks to its flexible Customer Care provides the User Interface for both pre- and postpaid subscribers. As it is the repository database for customer and subscriber details it offers mixed account capabilities as well as migrations to and from either status.


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