EppixComm strives to have the required resource and skill levels across the business and will continue to broaden and enhance all employees current knowledge base. We aim to create a work environment that is both positive and reinforcing via meaningful motivation and retention strategies and are committed to managing resources in line with Human Resource Management best practice.

Career Benefits
EppixComm strives to deliver and meet three core objectives to its employees:

  • To Grow and Retain Intellectual and Human Resource

  • Develop Skills

  • Enable employee diversity

We recognize that this can't be achieved without providing a best practice framework including tools, advice and an information centre to our employees to ensure we are able to offer the best and to retain the best.
At EppixComm we strive to remunerate our staff according to market trends, to create a satisfactory working environment that ensures our employees are inspired and motivated.

Additionally we offer:

  • A personal development plan.

  • Continuous training, coaching and succession planning to develop, and broaden our staff skill levels, including a rigorous training evaluation system.

  • An effective performance management system that is also based on a reward system.

  • A diverse working environment that recognizes individual's employee rights and culture.

  • An open two way communication network between senior management and employees to guarantee employee involvement and a well-informed and committed workforce.
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